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Masterlist Project
rivulet027 wrote in pr_slash
I want to get this started now so that I can really concentrate on it while I'm on summer break. As many of you know the reason this comm was started was because the lovely prslash unfortuently doesn't have tags and this makes it difficult to find fic. Hence pr_slash was started. This doesn't solve the problem of there being no tags and no easy way to find fic/icons/fanvids over at prslash. Therefore I would like to make pairing specific masterlists of the fics here and over there. However I'd like author/creator's permission before I just link to their work.

If you wouldn't mind my including your work in a pairing specific masterlist please say so here. If you don't want me to include your works say so here. At this point I have the permission of two authors. Eventually I will start going through the works and PMing people, but the less people I have to PM the better.

I will x-post this to prslash tomorrow so as not to spam anyone. Thank you!

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I would like to be included in you masterlist. I'm zen'aku lati on, and my pairing is Tommy/Jason. Thanks in advance.

No problem with me. ^_^ Good luck! That's a pretty massive project. ^_^

Thank you! It's going to be and will likely take me awhile, but it'll be worth it.

I only have a handfull of fics but cool with it

You have my permission when (not if, but definitely when) I manage to get something up in the future.

I think you already have things on prslash? Am trying to masterlist it so the fics are easy to find. Will make it easier for us already fans to find fic we like and for newer fans to figure out what they like. At least that's the thought behind it.

Not sure if I have anything up you would want to master list, but if so they are in the Garage under the ScottZiggy pairing. I could find them for you if you'd like.

I think I have a few old fics floating around on , you have my permission to list them.

I've only written rocky/adam, but if you list them, you are welcome to use mine. Does femmeslash count?

Of course femslash counts! Thank you!

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